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Registered Engineering Services

Frederick R. Rosse 

(609) 454-7617



US  Submarine SS(N) 685

Working at Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, determined that the steam power plant (in the middle of construction) would not be capable of operation at normal power level.  Provided proof and verification to Engineering Staff who initially strongly disagreed with these findings.  Developed plant modifications to allow normal operation.

John Fitch Steamboat Museum

Hired by the Craven Hall Historical Society to design and build an operating model of the world's first steamboat in commercial passenger service, operating between Philadelphia PA and Trenton NJ in 1790.  Fred's work involved developing the details of the boat and machinery considering that the only drawing of this boat was made 34 years after the boat had operated, by a person who observed the boat when he was only 12 years old.  Obviously the available drawing was technically inaccurate.  Work required considering fabrication methods available well over 200 years ago, with only one John Fitch drawing of the paddle mechanism, and some text about the steam machinery as written by John Fitch.  The 6 foot long model is radio controlled, and can run on live steam or electric power.